About us

The International Education Service (IES) is an Indonesian organization under Sarana Edukasi Internasional Foundation that is committed to create future Indonesian leaders through international education. Established in 2007, IES has developed expertise and specialized in the areas of:

  1.   Services to International Education and Information
  2.   Dimensions on Development Education Initiatives
  3.   Training and Assessment
  4.   Career Plan and Consultation
  5.   Manage Formal and Non Formal Education

The program has been developed with expertise and dedication by people who believe in the value of education, have decades of experience in the field of international exchange and strongly committed to delivering measurable impacts by focusing on organizational excellence, professionalism, and integrity.


IES collaborates with the institutions in Indonesia and worldwide to increase understanding and tolerance among nations and focuses on providing reliable services and credible information in preparing, assisting, teaching, training, developing  knowledge of students and contributing to deliver international world class  leaders.

IES maintains a network of trained representatives including state coordinators, and regional offices in developing its comprehensive, effective and innovative strategies.