TOEFL AND IELTS (TOT, Workshops and Preparation)



IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is the language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. This test assesses your English skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking and it is designed to reflect your English at study, work, play and in your new life abroad. The IELTS test in language assessment has an excellent international reputation and is accepted worldwide by schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies. There is a growing tendency to take IELTS test especially because of International student mobility that is travelling to other countries for pursuing their higher education. It will be affected the demand of having a qualified instructor to help them prepare and get the good result. To answer the need of qualified teacher, we organize this TOT program.


This program will be suitable to those

  • who have an important role in handling IELTS at their institutions
  • who have been teaching IELTS and wish to enhance their skills
  • who have taught English at school or university level and wish to switch over to IELTS coaching
  • who have a background in soft skills training and wish to change career
  • who have a min TOEFL score of 550 or at least IELTS band 6.5
  • who have agreed to participate in full 5-day program
  • who will fulfill all the required assignment in order to get certificate


By joining our TOT for IELTS you will get benefits as follows

  • Become and IELTS preparation specialist
  • Develop your skills in teaching speaking, listening, writing, and reading
  • Learn how to effectively and expertly prepare student candidates for the exam using a variety of different strategies
  • Learn how to evaluate and use IELTS resources for preparing students for the IELTS examination
  • Learn the best techniques and strategies on IELTS preparation and effectively analysis it
  • Have the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with other professionals in your field and be provided with professionally developed materials
  • Each participant will get some individual attention because we are limited to 20 participants only


This is 30 hours Training of Trainer program which is run over 5 days. TOT offers to develop skills in training instructor candidates for the IELTS exam. Program will be divided in the following session:

  • Introduction to the IELTS exam
  • Develop in Teaching Exam Classes
  • Develop in Teaching Listening Skills
  • Develop in Teaching Reading Comprehension Skills
  • Develop in Teaching Writing Skills
  • Develop in Teaching Speaking Skills
  • Following Instructions
  • Exam techniques and strategies
  • Evaluating resources
  • Training Evaluation
  • Assessment of a combination between teaching practice and written assignments
  • Fulfill all tasks assigned in predetermined period after the implementation of TOT in order to get a certificate


The learners need to be actively involved in the process of training. The trainer will

  • introduce skills development and pedagogical practice
  • demonstrate and give training on how to complete each of the unit tasks
  • give the opportunity to try out some of those skills
  • give techniques and strategies in teaching and preparing materials

These all sessions will be varied, relevant, and interesting to the learner needs.


Our trainer has a wide range of teaching and training in a variety of different contexts. The trainer has internationally recognized qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language and is trained in the latest communicative technology

All potential participants must complete the application form here

Jakarta TOT Registration     Balikpapan TOT Registration

Jakarta Workshop Registration     Balikpapan Workshop Registration

and email to the center of your choice the transfer slip and ID card to get participant confirmation from us.

Further details information please contact:

BALIKPAPAN: (0542) 851 2675, 0811 593 434, 0857 5364 8783

JAKARTA: (021) 567 3658, 5793 0124, 0815 999 4472